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Tyler Hoolaeff
Vancouver BC, Canada
Career Focus:
Digital Animator

Demo Reel BreakDown

Shot 1:
Shots fromSony's Shadow of the Beast
Responsible for keyframing all character animation.

Shot 2 - 3:
Shots from Disney's Santa paws II: The Santa Pups
Responsible for keyframing all character animation.

Shots 4 - 5:
Shots from Microsoft's Forza Horizon Responsible for manipulating all body and facial mocap and keyframing non mocap elements.

Shots 6:
Personal Animation piece and entry for the 11 second club. This shot scored 16th out of 161 entries.

Shots 7 - 8:
Shots from Activision's Prototype 2.
Responsible for manipulating all body and facial mocap and keyframing non mocap elements.

Shots 9 - 10:
Shots from Deus Ex Human Revolution. Responsible for manipulating all body and facial mocap and keyframing non mocap elements.

Shots 11 - 12:
Shots from Jibber Jabber.
Responsible for keyframing all character, prop, and camera animation.

Shot 13:
Shots from Dragons II.
Responsible for keyframing all character and prop animation.









Born in Summerland BC, Canada and raised 15 minutes south in Penticton I was the artistic type from day 1. Growing up I enjoyed drawing more than sports, which may make me sound like a strange kid, but I have always been surrounded by many friends and commonly the one cracking the jokes. As I got older my artistic talents were still the most prominent and ever developing. In high school I indulged myself in as many art classes as I could take, including some that introduced me to film and to digital animation. In my senior year, my good friend Mike Ricciardi and I won the Gold in our region for the video production category in the 2000 Skills Canada competition. This was a great experience, yet I found myself more interested in the animation area. After I completed high school, I moved to Kelowna where I had 6 months of traditional animation instruction. I took a summer to work doing web design, which I had been doing since '99, to save some money and to research some better schools. It was then that I discovered Ai CDIS in Burnaby BC, Canada offered a very promising set of digital animation programs. I enrolled and began classes in October of 2001. In June of 2002 I had completed the character animation program and continued through the summer right into the Digital Animation Masters Program. At the same time close to a dozen of the keenest students and I began writing and developing a story for a pilot episode of a 3D television cartoon entitled "Jaqueline's Steamclock". My classes and first demo reel entitled "Mervin's Mishap" were completed in January 2003, leaving a 4 month semester of work experience as the last of my graduation requirements. The group of us proposed to the school that we work on our cartoon for our own company as our work experience. The deal was a go! We needed to incorporated and Hot Dog Day Entertainment Inc. was born. We set out to complete a trailer for the episodeWe came into the semester with character packs, script, and story board that we had completed from July 2002 till then, and began working on our digital assets. As part of the team I took on minor modeling and led the Animation team. I also designed and constructed our web site www.hotdogday.com, and with the help of some very talented voice actors, who my partner Darryl Pfeil and I selected, as well as some dedicated recording arts partners, recorded the entire script. The trailer is now finished and our digital assets and dialogue are in the bank. Unfortunately, the project has been set to a slow grind on the side as some of us have found paying jobs in the industry and others are broke and looking.

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