Art & Design Background


I began drawing at an early age. When I was about age 9, I began collecting comic books to learn how to draw muscle structure and anatomy in a stylized fashion. Throughout high school I took as many art classes as i could, which turned out to be quite a few in senior high. Once 0ut of high school , I began my education in traditional animation and a year later digital animation. Throughout this time I was working as a web designer and becoming very proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready. In my digital animation program I also received 3 semesters of life drawing from which I learned al lot. Now it is today and I am ever progressing in my artistic talents.




















Character designs:
(click on an image for larger view)

Toad Man:
My latest character design he will be in my next personal animated short.

A character I have sketched many times this is a simplified version for a 2D animation.
Generic Cowboy:
I thought this guy was pretty funny looking. A simple 2D design.
The Poacher:
Another simple 2D character often seen chasing after an elusive armadillo.
FrankenBot :
A completely mechanical robot version of frankenstien.
Another Robot character, this one rolls on one wheel and has changable hands.
The Greaser:
A mix between fonzie and Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys.























(click on an image for larger view)

Devil Guy:
Pencil sketch of what Ricky Ricardo may have looked like as a cartoon devil.
Starring Contest:
This is an unfinished pencil sketch, he is actually playing video games not choking someone.
Dude with Guns:
An older pencil sketch of a chrome like metal dude with 2 guns.
Boxing Chick:
A life drawing of a woman in a defensive boxing position, I exaggerated her physique just a tad.
The Geek:
You must know this guy, this an ink sketch done on an airplane
The Kid:
A pencil sketch of a spaced out looking kid a different style than most of my drawings.
Dumb Monkey:
Somewhat of a rip off of a Genndy Tartakovsky type monkey but an original joke.
Lanky Ninja :
A ninja character who by his smile seems to be quite full of himself.
Toadman as seen above and a friend of his.
Rock Eater:
Not quite the ladies man he'd like to be, this guy just runs around eating rocks.


























Graphic Design:
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BNB e-book:
A logo I designed for a company selling online reservation management software for B&B owners.
Above the Beach B&B
A Logo I designed for the nicest B&B I have ever stayed at, Located in Penticton BC, Canada.
Llama Party
A logo I designed for a friend who plays to many video games.
A logo I designed for my webhost.